Five Golfers Who Take CBD

Undeniably, CBD is gradually threading on the path of becoming one of the untold secrets of many golf greats. You’ll have listened to the buzz surrounding the popularity of CBD among the great golfers of all time. Of course, the number of pro golfers maximizing CBD’s efficacy to alleviate body pains, improve focus, and boost concentration in the golf game is rising.

Do you want to know the staunch CBD advocates in the game of golf? This article seeks to examine their rationale and motivations behind CBD consumption and how it has greatly benefited their performances in recent times. 

Here are five golfers who take CBD to augment their game:

Bubba Watson

For the man who single-handedly won the Augusta Nationals on two consecutive occasions in a short span of three years, CBD is one of the ingredients that keeps him going in his successful golf career. Bubba Watson is widely known for his outspoken proponents, specifically regarding the consumption of CBD on tour. He also has a group of medical practitioners who continuously carry out routine checks on the amount of CBD he consumes. These doctors ensure that he consumes the appropriate amount of CBD that won’t pose a significant risk to his general health and well-being.

Bubba, who is currently aged 41, revealed that his inspiration for consuming CBD rose from his older peers’ continuous playmaking. During an interview with CNN, he said, “I see Phil Michelson at 48. So, it means I’ve got at least eight more years of having a shot of winning some tournament.

He further revealed, “So, for me, it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf and spending time with my kids running around. CBD was easily a fit for me.”

This statement further attested that the pain-relieving property offered by CBD perfectly resonates with Bubba Watson. It is because he’s highly concerned about maximizing his pain relief and boosting his sleep.

In another interview with TheStreet, Watson confessed that he focused on two separate things in his body; the inflammation and waking up from a night of better sleep. He further said that he has two kids, and he plays golf every day. So, there is a need to replenish the lost energy. And CBD is an excellent supplement for him.

Scott McCarron

When it comes to players on the PGA Champions Tour, McCarron takes the number one spot. He won three consecutive times in 2019, out of the 26 events he has featured in so far. McCarron revealed that he had been a proponent of CBD for nearly up to two years. During this time, he has exhibited unparalleled success and longevity.

As a top golf player, he needs to participate in debates and discussions with other senior players. This could result in an increased risk of pains and body aches. During an ESPN interview, McCarron revealed that the first time he gave the green light to CBD consumption, his sleep improved drastically.

While narrating his experience with CBD, he said, “I went and tried it about two weeks later when I went home. I measured my sleep with a device known as WHOOP. In about two years of using the device, I was consuming the CBD oil simultaneously, and I had a fantastic sleep for seven days straight.”

McCarron also revealed that CBD has the efficacy of boosting the performance of an average golfer. He remains one of those staunch proponents of CBD who testifies that one of CBD’s greatest potentials is its ability to reduce anxiety. If golfers turn to alcohol in their search for something to calm their nerves, McCarron sees CBD as the perfect go-to option.

Lucas Glover

Throughout the golf career of Lucas Glover, the most enjoyed season was his performance in 2019. His overall effort throughout the season won him the fourth-place finish at the Honda classic. Apart from that, he also had several top-ten finishes to his belt. Glover, however, revealed that CBD has significantly helped him in becoming a better player.

While speaking with GolfDigest, Lucas said, “I’m sleeping better, and I feel like my recovery is better. As far as my overall health, I feel great. I can tell the difference when I wake up in the morning, which is a big part.

Scott Piercy

Scott Piercy is also one of those golf champions who consume CBD. In April 2019, he signed a partnership with CBD consumer product developer Real Brands. Reports revealed that Piercy has, on several occasions, displayed his unwavering support for the products. Apart from that, he also has a keen interest in spreading the word about CBD’s potential benefits, specifically golfers.

Phil Mickelson

Another great man who has always been finishing the national championships with the second-place is Phil Michelson. Michelson believes that CBD has potential benefits in alleviating inflammation. Michelson had psoriatic arthritis, and he has even been featured in several advertisements promoting CBD as a remedy for the treatment of arthritis.

When it comes to the top golfers who consume CBD, Phil Michelson remains one of the great ones. 

There you have it! We’ve gathered the top five golfers who take CBD due to these numerous potential health benefits.

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